On Sun, 11 May 1997, Adam Bosworth wrote:

> I'd have to agree with Terry about this point. I do actually think that
> an increasing percentage of pages will not be authored using WYSIWYG
> tools, but that being said, our experience with Word is consistant with
> Terry's comments. 90% of Word users don't use styles because it requires
> a top down systemic model for authoring that doesn't come naturally to
> them.  That doesn't mean that Styles are a bad idea, just that it is
> hard to show that Styles improve an authoring UI's usability.

But, just like my experience with Word, small documents can survive without
style, but long and complex documents make the overhead work required to set
up the styles pay off in the long run.

Likewise, making a stylesheet for a small web page will be too tiresome when
one can simply put a STYLE attribute somewhere and be done with it.

BUT, if you're planning something in the large site range, you'll need a
stylesheet to retain your sanity.

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