[Adam Bosworth:]

| 90% of Word users don't use styles because it requires a top down
| systemic model for authoring that doesn't come naturally to them.

Right.  I am as rabid a stylesheet advocate as anyone in the world,
but I believe that this approach is not for the great majority of
users.  I believe that the construction of stylesheets is for advanced
users and professional designers.  The reason that this relatively
small group of people is worth pursuing is because they historically
have been and (I believe) will be responsible for the production of
the great majority of pages, if not by themselves personally then by
workers who are constrained by organizational policy to work with the
typographical treatments that the designers create.  There is nothing
new about this.

Ultimately it may not be the ability of end-user tools to support the
creation of stylesheets that matters, but their ability to process the
stylesheets that they are given.


Received on Sunday, 11 May 1997 20:07:45 UTC