Re: auto-numbering in CSS (was: content property)

I hope this isn't too negative...

David Perrell wrote:
> I suggested counter properties in CSS such that every element has an
> associated counter. By default, the counter has a value of 1 decimal,
> but can be explicitly declared with any initial value and type.

I think this would be a waste,  and also not sufficient.  It's a good
solution for specifying how list items work.

> ....
> The DSSSL method strikes me as a more elegant solution than my last
> insofar as my solution could require elements to be declared for the
> sole purpose of counting other elements. A few questions, though:

I don't like that either.  It doesn't allow me to have a set of things
which are numbered which don't relate to a flat section of the document
tree.  I'm sure I could do it by writing LISP code,  but that doesn't
seem elegant at all to me.

What I'd like is a set of named counters and some sort of formatting
language for combining these into output patterns.  Something where
I could type something human readable like:  %chapter.%section



Doug Rand
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