Re: content property

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Okay, so your counters do not interact between element types. This is
> fundamentally the same as the approach I suggested. "element-type"
> "element-type-in-ancestor" do the same things as your "counter" and
> "parent-counter".

I've been changing my approach with every message, the last time in
response to your DSSSL example. With counter a read-increment property
of an element.class, the non-incrementing 'parent-counter' property
might be better named 'count', as in:

  H2:before  { content: BODY.count "." DIV.1.counter ". " } 

I now see two declared properties (counter-type, counter-initial) and
two readable ones (counter, count). Pretty simple.

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 7 May 1997 14:50:31 UTC