yet another broken CSS implementation

I'm sorry to report that IE4b1 for Mac is just as useless for CSS1 as IE3.
The Mac team appears to have changed nothing. They have, however, added
some support for the still-unfinished CSS-Positioning draft, presumably in
order to participate better in the "Active Push Channel Dynamic HTML"
flying-headline hoopla. They've added some more chrome to the UI, too,
forcing about 30 pixels of left-margin on <body>.

In terms of allocation of engineering resources, I'd say this is like using
a helicopter to attach a glitter-encrusted weathervane to a burning barn.

I sure hope they just pushed this out in time for the MacWorld expo, and
this isn't for real.

Todd Fahrner

Received on Wednesday, 30 July 1997 17:20:20 UTC