CSS WebRing and logo/buttons

   I've created a CSS Reference Web Ring-- okay, they're cheesy, but we
keep hearing from people who want to know where all the CSS info is, so I
figured, why not?  I'm still trying to set up the administration, but in
the meantime, if you'd like to have your site on the ring, e-mail me
directly so I can add you to the list and e-mail you the code you need to
put on your page.
   This ring is intended to connect pages of information about CSS,
including how-(not-)to pages, examples, tutorials, tests, and other
explanatory texts.  It is NOT for "my-cool-CSS-enhanced-page" sites.  I
haven't decided whether CSS products, commercial or otherwise, should be
part of the ring.  Probably yes, but as Mark "The Red" Harlan would say,
I'm sure a large sum of money could change my mind.
   Anyway, the other point of this message was to ask if it's permissible
to use the CSS logo in some way in conjunction with this ring.  I was
thinking of using the step-stack o' boxes with the words "Cascading Style
Sheets Web Ring" and some buttons to move through the ring.  May I do this,
or will a pack of rabid lawyers descend upon me for even thinking such a

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