User Style Sheets in PP2 (was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings)

I wrote:
>> And I can have an ! important declaration
>> in my own user style sheet that will save me from seeing it
>> when I'm viewing on-screen (I prefer Verdana now).

Paul Prescod asked me:
>How would you do that?

IE 4.0 pp2 allows user style sheets. Create a style sheet file
(such as mystyle.css) and put in it whatever rules you want,
such as
    BODY { font-family: verdana ! important; }

Then go to View | Options, choose the General tab, click on
Accessibility, put a check mark next to "Format documents using
my style sheet", enter the path and filename for your style sheet,
click OK then OK, then browse to a simple page.  Wait a bit.
A crash?  Wonder if something has gone wrong.  Try to click on a menu.
Hmm.  No response at all at all.  But lo, what's this?  The hard
drive has stopped whirring.  The document appears, but without any

Hopes sink.  Fiddle with some menus a bit, but then realize you've
made a mistake in your style sheet (D'oh, I meant font-family, not
font-style.  I need a KGV for style sheets baaaaad...)  Exit from
IE, rerun it again, reload the simple document.  Success!  Verdana.
No more will hideous fonts like Times darken my screen.  This is
almost as good as when Mosaic came out and let me customize
fonts.  Marvel at the wondrousness.

Then load in a page with some style sheets and realize that your
! important declaration is not obeyed by IE pp2, so the author
style sheets are outweighing your user style sheet's ! important
declarations.  Still, !important is promised in a future release.
(Now that I know Chris Wilson's reading, I feel all atingle with

E. Stephen Mack <>

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 1997 04:53:25 UTC