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At 03:16 AM 27/07/97 -0700, E. Stephen Mack wrote:
>David Perrell wrote:
>>>Reader/default style declarations are not overcome by inheritance, only
>>>by contrary declarations.
>I replied:
>>So, that seems to be the problem -- the engineers at Netscape
>>missed the same thing that I missed: inherited values don't
>>outweigh initial/default UA style sheet values.
>Checking back at the spec [1], Section 3.2 Cascading Order says:
>1.Find all declarations that apply to the element/property in question.
>  Declarations apply if the selector matches the element in question.
>  If no declarations apply, the inherited value is used. If there is no
>  inherited value (this is the case for the 'HTML' element and for
>  properties that do not inherit), the initial value is used.
>I agree with David -- to me, this rule supports IE's interpretation
>that initial values should outweigh inheritence.

To me, this supports Netscape's implementation.  In the earlier example of 
STRONG text within an H1 with font-weight: normal, the STRONG text has no 
declarations which apply to it, so the inherited value of font-weight: 
normal is used.  There is an inherited value, so the initial value is 

>But it all hinges on how one interprets "If no declarations apply."
>I suppose elements like H1 have an initial value, which is a
>declaration.  But Navigator doesn't use a default style sheet, so
>perhaps that's their justification for treating inheritence
>as overriding the UA initial values -- they don't have any initial
>declarations to override.

The CSS1 spec states that inherited values override initial values 

>In Netscape's "Known CSS Issues" document [2], they list:
>* The background property inherits into text elements.  Apply
>  background-color : transparent if you do not want
>  inheritance to occur.

This seems wrong to me.  The background colour or image should be visible 
behind child elements, even though it should not inherit.  Setting 
background-color: transparent should simply show the background colour or 
image that would normally be shown behind the child elements.

>Sure is strange.  Is anyone aware of any contact at Netscape
>who is working to resolve style sheet issues like these?

Hmm...  It would be nice if Netscape participated in this forum like 
Microsoft does.

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