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At 7:38 PM -0400 7/18/97, Joel N. Weber II wrote:

>But it still seems to me that CSS1 was supposed to be platform independent,
>and writing different style sheets to work around browsers is the wrong

The solution is for all browser vendors to get with it and implement the
spec consistently, completely, and correctly. Scripting will enable content
designers to use CSS until this happens. In the meantime, CSS is not viable
for commercial design work on the Web without such measures.

But let me play devil's advocate a bit and ask: how is writing platform-
and browser-specific stylesheets different from writing print stylesheets,
or aural stylesheets, or projector stylesheets, or others? Haven't we all
seen enough screen dumps to realize that Macs are not PCs are not Unix
boxes are not printers? Style isn't all that portable. Writing stylesheets
for one device at a time helps assure that the content, at least, is truly

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