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At 7:06 PM -0400 7/18/97, Joel N. Weber II wrote:
>Note that that will completely break any browser which supports
>CSS1 correctly, but doesn't support any Java.  (For example, I think the
>first release of GNU E-scape will support CSS1 but not Java.)

Completely break? Can you explain please? If the browser supports no
scripting languages (or they are turned off), the CSS link appears in the
<noscript> line. I did my best not to lock any browser out of CSS (except
IE3, where it's too dangerous). In the very worst case (like NS with JS
turned off, so no CSS either), you still get the HTML, which ideally won't
depend on the CSS anyway.

>   At 1:48 PM -0400 7/18/1997, Alan Karben wrote:
>   > On another note, here's the only way we came up with to deal with the
>   > inconsistent interpretations of em units in IE3, IE4, NS, etc: Use
>   > client-side browser detection with JavaScript to decide which
>external CSS
>   > file to reference, and use document.write statements to write out the
>   > <link> tag. Has anyone actually tried this to see if it works?
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