RE: font sizes in ems

Gayle, I don't understand what the problem you're seeing with IE4.0 pp2
is.  As far as I can tell, we render this correctly - in fact, we render
your first page correctly if you set the font-size explicitly on <BODY>
_AND_ <TD>.  The first line (explicit 10pt) is the same size as the
second (1em), as I believe it should be - and the third line (.9em,
etc.) is smaller, as it should be.  These do not scale when you select a
different default font size (I don't believe they should).  Am I missing

Chris Wilson
"The Stylesheets Guy"
Internet Explorer Team

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> Todd Fahrner wrote:
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> > At 4:25 PM -0700 7/17/97, Gayle Kidder wrote:
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> > >See a second demo at:
> > >
> > >I've set the BODY font-size to a ridiculous 16 pts, but it doesn't
> > >affect the display at all in either browser, only the last para.
> > 
> > Heh - that's because nothing inherits into a table. Grrrrr.
> > 
> Grrrrr indeed. Okay, see this one without tables (lots harder to
> compare):
> I've set the body default to 16pt and it still doesn't affect the
> display in ems.

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