Re: BUTTON element

> OK, here's another idea. I use a RAD environment on the Macintosh called
> FaceSpan [1], which has a pictbox property called 'selection style'. The
> property values are as follows:
>    none                 pictbox or cell does not highlight
>    by hilite            white areas of pictbox or cell are overlain
>                         with the System highlight color (from the
>                         Color control panel)
>    by invert            colors of pictbox or cell are inverted
>    by lasso             colors of pictbox or cell are inverted within
>                         contours that exclude the pictbox's fill color
>    by frame             pictbox or cell is surrounded by a frame
>    by sink              pictbox or cell is surrounded by a column of
>                         pixels on the left and one row of pixels on
>                         the top
>    by exchange          a different artwork resource is used for the
>                         highlighted pictbox
> So, how about assigning a selection-style to the <INPUT> element?
> Something like: { selection-style: invert }
> Perhaps selection-style values of:
>       hilite | dim | invert | sink | exchange
> although I'm not sure how exchange would interact with PRESSED attribute.
> 'dim' would simply darken the colors: FF->99, CC->66, 99->33, 66/33/00->00.

Much, much, better than that hideous, incompatible BUTTON tag.  If one
absolutely /has/ to break compatibility for a feature, that's fine, but
this is not anywhere near such a case: <INPUT> works just fine, and its
display attributes belong in a style sheet--even the X,Y argument is
uncompelling, because they can be ignored easily.

Received on Thursday, 17 July 1997 02:11:01 UTC