CSS Positioning Draft

From a quick look at the draft, i see that all the elements
may be positioned relative to the top-left corner of the
parent, but not to the bottom or right.  What if one wants
to place an element (say, a menu) exactly two inches wide
along the right edge of the window?  Let me know if i've
missed something, but i don't see how the draft allows this.

The most obvious solution is to allow "right" and "bottom"
properties, since you've already separated "width" and
"height" from "top" and "left".  I think it's reasonable
to ask people not to put these values in conflict.

You also might want to include a few more display-independent
length units (like cm or %) in your examples rather than
focusing on pixel counts only.  With a little care even
documents with positioning specs should be able to tolerate
some window resizing.


Received on Friday, 31 January 1997 13:46:41 UTC