Re: Style sheet misuse advice -Reply

Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
> I've never understood why the background property
> doesn't inherit. I'm sure there must be a reason, but
> I really can't think of any.

There are two:

1. the background behind a sub-element should in general be aligned with
the background of the parent. If the background inherited, than any
pattern would start all over again behind the child element

2. we intend to add explicit inheritance to all properties, via a
keyword `inherit' (this allows a style sheet to explicitly inherit, thus
changing the cascading order)

So, for background you can (not now, but hopefully soon) say:

    background: inherit

and be sure that the background is the same as that of the parent,
without having to now what that background is.


Received on Tuesday, 28 January 1997 15:34:51 UTC