Re: Javascript Enabled Style Sheets vs. CSS

>user input.  However, it does not allow style that depends on the document
>structure (Netscape currently throws away the tree structure of the document

The real power of CSS comes from hanging styles on elements. It makes the
presentation separate from the markup so I don't have to worry about how an
element looks (which I should not be thinking about anyway). That's what an
HTML document is after all, elements representing document structure.  Why
throw the baby out with the bath water? 

>instructions, and insert JSSS instructions in the document locally (just as
>you would insert FONT tags now).  I am not certain of the state of the JSSS

Are you saying JSSS only works if the styles are mixed into the document?
What about controlling all the pages on your site with a single style sheet
the way I do? Keeping up <font> tags mixed in my text is one of the
important reasons I chose to use style sheets.

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Received on Wednesday, 22 January 1997 12:43:55 UTC