Re: CSS1 extension: container/noncontainer property

> No,  this would be a big mistake.  The information about what tags
> require a closing tag,  which are implied and which are just elements
> (what's the SGML nomenclature for this?) is contained in the DTD.  

Content models and ommitted tag minimization.

It would be a bad idea to declare content models and tag minimization
in the style sheet because style sheet languages come and go, and the
parsing of a document would change based on the style sheet or style
sheet language. A better idea is to a) hard code the HTML empty elements,
b) read a DTD where available, c) require XML syntax for elements that
are neither described in a DTD nor in the HTML specifications. That means
*no* minimization and empty elements that are syntactically different from
regular start tags.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Monday, 13 January 1997 10:36:19 UTC