Re: style sheets with ancient browsers

On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Hakon Lie wrote:

> Joel N. Weber, II writes:
>  > > But I would agree with you that LINK is preferable.
>  > 
>  > Can we find a way to write style information in the tags themselves, so 
>  > that <STYLE>H1 {color: blue}</STYLE> could be written as
>  > <SOMETHING style="H1 {color: blue}">?  Or is that not worthwhile?
>  > (Actually, you can do that in <BODY style="H1 {color: blue}">, but we 
>  > want to get away from putting everything on the <BODY> tag)
> No, you can't do it like you show. The STYLE attribute, when taking
> CSS syntax, only accepts CSS declarations -- not full rules:
>   <BODY style="color: blue">
> The 'color: blue' declaration would apply to the BODY element and
> inherit normally from there.
> Instead of introducing new syntax in CSS, I'd recommend using LINK to
> avoid the problem you are describing.

As I understand it, that means you have to use LINK to retrive a
file from a particular URL.

That means you have to have a seprate http connection open to get
the style sheet.  I don't object to it; and it makes life easier
for using one style sheet for an entire site; but there will
be some people who want to embed the style sheet at the top
of the document.

However, it may be the case that people who don't see the benefits
of putting the style sheet in a seprate file also don't see the
benefits of supporting old browsers, so this may be a non-problem.

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