style sheets with ancient browsers

The following example appears in section 1.1 of the CSS1 draft I'm 
looking at (a month or two old, but probably not changed from the current 
approved version)

      HREF="" TITLE="Cool">
    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
      @import url(;
      H1 { color: blue }

The documentation goes on to state that the style sheet specified with 
<STYLE> will always be used, while the one specified by <LINK> is an 
optional alternative.

The problem is that primitive browsers (like old versions of Lynx) will 
display the stuff inside <STYLE>.  That seems wrong to me.  If the <LINK> 
and <STYLE> are equal, and I'm authoring a page, I'd use <LINK>.

Is there any reason they need to have different semantics?  If we really 
need different semantics, I'd prefer to have an attribute so that I can write

<LINK PRIORITY=alt .....>
<LINK PRIORITY=normal ...>

<>                    <>
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Received on Saturday, 11 January 1997 19:34:10 UTC