Re: Aural Cascading Style Sheets

| On Jan 10,  9:21am, Jon Bosak wrote:
| > a group of researchers at Sun has
| > developed an entire speech synthesis language based on HTML,
| This of course differs from the approach taken here, where the speech
| synthesis part resides in the stylesheet and the document is in HTML.
| It sounds interesting work, though - is it publically available? Can
| you provide a reference to it?

Interesting question -- I'm not sure how much more I can say about
this.  I don't believe that there has previously been any mention of
it outside of Sun.

| > If you continue to add more standardized tags every time you encounter
| > a new problem domain you will destroy HTML as a simple markup
| > language.
| I don't think that person, place, date and time are going to make HTML
| significantly more complicated to hand-author given the weight of tags
| that already exists for tables, font, etc.

That's true, and I don't want to blow this particular set of additions
out of proportion.  But the addition of tags to a standard set has
become an infamous "slippery slope" in the markup community, and all
of us with any experience of this problem consider it very dangerous.
The problem is that you never come to a place to stop; there's always
just a few more tags to add, just one more constituency to please,
just one more application to accommodate, and every new supplicant has
a case just as good as the last one.


Received on Friday, 10 January 1997 14:47:22 UTC