MSIE 3.0 - More strangeness

I've noticed that MSIE 3.0 doesn't attach CSS information
(at least not color) to the following HTML 3 elements:


(Out of these elements, <code> <var> <kbd> and <cite> are 
in the HTML 3.2 specification.)

This is kinda weird, because it recognizes <CITE>, <KBD>, and 
<VAR> to the point that it changes font characteristics (<cite> 
and <var> in italics, <KBD> in boldface.) 

Also, there's <CODE>, which in MSIE for Win 95 uses a 
non-proportional font, but in the Mac version doesn't 
unless specified to do so in CSS!  Huh? Mac MSIE doesn't 
recognize color with <CODE>, but it does recognize 

Testing methodology: Looked at ye olde HTML 3 and 
CSS test document [1] with MSIE for windows 95 and Macintosh.


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Received on Wednesday, 8 January 1997 20:09:27 UTC