CSS Book Update

A book on CSS has made it to the store shelves! It looks like the release date
for Hakon and Bert's book has been pushed back :-(  And there's a new entry
in the group.

On the Shelf
Html Style Sheets Quick Reference (Ques Quick Reference Series) 
by Rob Falla
Paperback, 203 pages
List: $19.99 
Published by Que Corp
Publication date: January 1,1997
Dimensions (in inches): 8.31 x 5.45 x .53
ISBN: 0789710358

How to Write Better Html With Style Sheets 
by Bert Bos, Hakon Lie
Paperback, 256 pages
List: $29.95 
Published by Addison-Wesley Pub Co
Publication date: April 1,1997
ISBN: 020141998X

10 Minute Guide to Html Style Sheets (Ten Minute Guide Series) 
by Que Development Group
List: $14.99 
Published by Que Corp
Publication date: January 1997
ISBN: 078971034X
(Not yet available)

Designing for the Web With Style Sheets 
by Hayden Development Team
Bk&Cd-Rom Edition 
List: $50.00 
Published by Hayden Books
Publication date: March 1,1997
ISBN: 1568303513

New Kid on the Block
Web Style Sheets with CD 
by Bryan McCormick
List: $39.99
Publication date: May 1,1997
ISBN: 1562057405

All this information is culled from Amazon Books at http://www.amazon.com/
with a search of titles wih the words "Style Sheets." I am in no way 
associated with Amazon Books or any of the publishers mentioned above.

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