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I'm concerned about resolving the need for such a basic element of
publishing. Maybe <table class=figure> might do for now, but I think we need
a specific content-markup for figures. I can't agree that tables are the
preferred markup for figures or columns. If we have a specific figure,
search engines and index generators can identify it correctly.

I have used single (or double---one for the caption, one for the image;
without CSS the caption element is always at the top) tables for figures but
found them lacking. I'd rather use appropriate markup for figures. One
solution I have used is <div class=fig>. I would like some mechanism to
associate the caption with the image. We have caption for table, why not
allow it for other elements?

We can sub-class now:
<div class=figure>
<img ...>
   <div class=caption>
      <p>Figure 1. ...

But if captions were allowed in div:

<div class=fig>
<img ...>
   <caption>Figure 1. ...</caption>

Just a suggestion...


>What about the the lack of appropriate markup for captioned figures
>in html? Some vendors have stated that a single cell table is the
>right thing to use for figures, but perhaps you don't agree?
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