Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

On Feb 4,  6:07pm, Paul Prescod wrote:

> Chris Lilley wrote:
> > OK, that one is a style change. The others are structure or semantics
> > changes. Which doesn't mean they aren't desirable things to do, just
> > that they aren't the job of a style sheet.
> How do you figure that automatic generation of a table of contents, index,
> or index of figures at an author chosen location changes the semantics of
> the document?

I wrote, structure or semantics. In those cases, the change is to the

> Does automatic generation of list bullets change the semantics?

No, that would be a style change and is handled by stylesheets.

> How about the text for references?

Perhaps you could expand on what you mean for that one.

> In my mind, anything that is non-creative
> and can be done completely by the computer *should be*.


> And at the last possible point.

Also yes, but I think we might disagree where that point occurs on
a case by case basis.

> Why ship a TOC or list bullet over the web when it can be
> generated automatically?

So that indexers can index it and downlevel browsers can see it at all,
even if not very prettily. Besides, we don't ship around list bullets.
We do currently ship around TOC, and these are often machine generated,
at least in the documents that I write.

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