RE: Dealing with form elements...

I don't see exactly why this is beyond the realm of CSS (obviously
beyond CSS1, but not necessarily CSS2, e.g.).  It's purely a declarative
mechanism, and pretty easy to drop into both the syntax and (in our case
at least) the implementation.  Forcing DSSSL on content authors and Web
tool implementers who are resistant even to the simplicity of CSS is
just probably not going to work.

Chris Wilson

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>Chris Wilson writes:
>>Ick ick ick ick!  Let's not hack a one-off solution to this; why don't
>>we go with the long-ago proposed arbitrary-attribute mechanism, so you
>>could do something like:
>>INPUT[TYPE=SUBMIT] { color: green; text-decoration: none; }
>>INPUT[TYPE=RESET] { color: red;   text-decoration: none; }
>>INPUT[TYPE=IMAGE] { vertical-align: blah; text-decoration: none; }
>>INPUT        { text-decoration: underline; }
>>obviously, this can go much further:
>>UL[TYPE=COMPACT] { ... }
>>or even
>>A[HREF] { ... }	/* any source anchor */
>>[HREF] { ... }	/* any element with an HREF */
>>I'd sign up to support this.
>  As would I, but now you are getting beyond the realm of CSS1.  Whether or
>not that is a good or bad thing is debatable.  This is why I want to finish
>off the DSSSL support in Emacs-W3 and just start throwing the CSS stuff
>through a little converter. :)
>>On a side note, though, there is a problem with describing the difference
>>between the "inside" of an INPUT element and the "outside" - for example,
>>when you set "vertical-align: super" on a text box, do you mean the text
>>box should be superscripted, or the content inside the text box should be?
>>For this, I would propose that a new pseudoclass, ":inside" be added and
>>applied to INPUT elements only.  Comments?
>  Sounds like a plan to me.  Not sure if :inside is the best name or not
>though.  Perhaps :content or :value?
>-Bill P.

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