RE: [Q] Shouldn't margin-bottom...?

Of COURSE I understand how absurd this is - read my mail all the way
through.  It was a limitation of our IE3 rendering engine and the
resources (about 1/3 of my time, minus the three weeks I was out of the
office for health reasons) to change it in order to support stylesheets.

I also said in my previous email that IE4 already supports this

Chris Wilson

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>On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>> 2) Paragraphs have a "built-in" margin that is not overridden by CSS
>> margins.
>   Of course you realize how absurd that is. Being able to tell the
>browser how much space to put above and below paragraphs and headlines is
>one of THE fundamental features of Style Sheets, just as it is in
>typesetting programs like QuarkXPress. If the browser ignores my
>specifications, what's the point in using Style Sheets?
>   Any idea WHEN MSIE will get around to supporting this basic feature?
> --Dan
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