Popup windows & style sheets


When I last week made my original proposal of the "PopUp Windows for 
Dictionary purposes" in the www-html mailing list, I hadn't yet studied 
the style sheet drafts. 

As an addition to my original proposal (which still can be found at
http://www.clinet.fi/~wes/popup.html ), I would suggest that three new
style elements assosisated with "A.name" would be added to the drafts: 
{render=popup}, {width=xx) and {heigth=yy}.  This way we could have 
multiple popup windows, instead of just the one achieved with the 
"_popup" target.

An example:

A.dict {render=popup;

Making music with computers is easy, just load your 
<A HREF="dictionary.html#MIDI" CLASS=dict TARGET=dictwindow>MIDI</A>
programme and start playing

Pressing the link "MIDI" would bring up a popup window with contents from 
the dictionary.html <A NAME="MIDI"> and ending to the </A> tag.  The 
popup windows name would be "dictwindow" (the name is used, when you want 
to load new info to the same window) and it's width would be 200 pixels. 
 Height would be determied by the amount of text displayed in it.

The width and height of the A HREF would be absolute dimensions.  If they 
were left out the broser could determine how big and what shape the popup 
window should be.

Heikki Vesalainen

Received on Monday, 18 March 1996 11:32:50 UTC