Re: CSS Speech: Updated StyleSheet Specification

Bert Bos wrote:
> Raman T. V. writes:
>  > Here is a revised version of the cascaded speech stylesheet based
>  > on feedback from the net community.
>  > <H3>Speech Properties</H3>
>  >
>  > Speech properties specify the voice characterestic to be used when rednering
>  > specific document elements.
> Is there a reason why you put `:' in front of all properties and some
> keywords?

  I imagine because he comes from a lisp background, and we've been implementing this in Emacs-w3.  Common-lisp style
keywords, doncha know.

>  [...]
>  > <DT> :voice-family
>  > <DD> string<P>
>  >
>  >      Analogous to the :font-family property.
>  >      This specifies the kind of voice to be used, and can be something generic
>  >      such as <em>male</em>  or something more specific such as
>  >      <em>comedian</em>
>  >      or something very specific such as <em>paul</em>.
>  >      We recommend the same approach as used in the case of :font-family --the
>  >      style sheet provide a list of possible values ranging from most to least
>  >      specific and allow the browser to pick the most specific voice that it
>  >      can find on the output device in use.
> Are there well-known names (like `paul') that are more or less agreed
> on? Is it possible to specify a URL for the voice-family instead, so
> that the URL describes the voice?

  This would definitely be useful - is there any sort of standard format that most synths use for 'voices'?

-Bill P.

Received on Wednesday, 13 March 1996 10:55:41 UTC