Re: multimodal style

Hi David,

Good idea!!

I think that the overall idea is very good, It will make it easier,
that's the main reason. The advantage is having less atributes, and
that's what we look for. For blind people there is no problem but 
with low vision people there might be one...and it will make it 
difficult to use. *Some* low vision people wants to use their low
vision to read text from the screen, and that text must be the same 
size, the way they could distinguish between "sizes" is with the 
volume in their audio devices. They need allways the same font-size
and background (i.e. Background black and yellow fonts) but the 
audio could help them to know what kind of "sizes" the author is 
using. If you link them together some low vision people will get in
trouble. One possible solution to that is to use:

size:5     font-size: 5                      volume is inherited or default
size:3,5   font-size: 3                      volume: 5
size:,5    font-size is inherited or default volume: 5

But the general idea is *great*, the multimodal approach has many
advantages but (like allways happen) there will be some problems. You
can use this if you like the solution, anyway I think it's a new good
idea to have speech in the stylesheets.


Juan Jose Miguez Iglesias

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Received on Thursday, 7 March 1996 04:58:52 UTC