Re: Introducing NetscapeML

At 12:49 PM 30-06-96 +1000, you wrote:
>that Netscape are trying to chase HTML into a proprietary dead-end to further
>their own financial ends. I really hope Microsoft continues to follow the
>standards process and gives us a good, cross-platform browser that implements
>things like CSS, and knocks Netscape on its head. Coming from a previously
>strident MS-basher, that's saying something!

Having watched the browsers change since Mosaic 1.2 I think Netscape are
looking to lose their browser dominance. Microsoft wants to crush Netscape
and Netscape is making it easy for them.

If you look closely at IE 3.0 you'll find plenty of prioprietary extensions
(ActiveX, NT challenge/response authentication, VB Script, HTML extensions
etc.), and if you look at Netscape you see other proprietary stuff. The only
difference is that IE also supports CSS. 

Having seen fairly closely what both companies are doing I fully expect to
see Microsoft win this one (but that's a safe bet, they've won every other
one and right now they are producing an excellent product).

Derek Harding
Technical Director
Fusion Interactive, Seattle WA

Received on Sunday, 30 June 1996 06:05:04 UTC