Re: Introducing NetscapeML

Marc Salomon wrote:
> Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> |Don't beg.  DEMAND!
> |
> |You are the User and this is a free market; it is *you* whom all must
> |satisfy.  Begging will not effect change, as history has shown.
> So many people seem to believe that if they keep repeating statements like
> this that others will start to believe them and they will become true.
> OK.  I'm supposed to *not* download a free copy of Navigtor today and
> e-mail Netscape explaining why.  That'll really show em.

If less people were as lethargic or fatalistic as you seem to
suggest, perhaps they might have a real effect.  The creation
of a new organized discussion group with a mandate to provide
well-formed suggestions (e.g. in the form of I-Ds or RFCs)
could be a positive step; i recently wondered whether the HTML
Writers' Guild might take this role.

Besides, do you really think we are *better* off ignoring the


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