font sizes...

I have talked about them before.  Those of you you wrote the
specification I ask you to take a look at and
look at the font size test at the bottom of the page...

Then, please discuss here about what is wrong.  MSIE doesn't seem to
support font sizes the way you thought...  Its font-size: medium does
not line up with its font size=3, which, by technical limitations, are
supposed to be one in the same...  Beyond that, MS people, it shows the
"font-size: +n" bug...  Try viewing the table in different font sizes
(under View | Fonts )...

While you look at that, also take a look at the shadowed text
example...  Doesn't it deserve its own "text-decoration" type?  

Please, before saying "hey, the spec does too contain ..." please read
the entire page before barking up the wrong tree...

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