New CSS1 draft

A new CSS1 draft has been released, see


The changes relative to the previous version (WD-css1-960505) are:

 - "context-sensitive-selectors" renamed to "contextual-selectors"
 - the color names are now the same as in HTML 3.2
 - numerical RGB values are specified in the sRGB color space
 - Explained that <!-- --> looks like a comment but isn't
 - Additional explanation of pseudo-elts and pseudo-classes
 - Added 'box' and 'contour' to float property
 - Better explanation of font-size; added 'bigger'/'smaller'
 - Removed color gradients from the background property
 - Absolute positioning of background images added
 - 'list-style' has two new values: 'inside' and 'outside'
 - Added 'nowrap' to whitespace property
 - Removed section on tables (tables will be handled separately later)
 - the chapter on "applicability and extensibility of CSS1" has been
   moved to an Appendix.

Changes relating to the formal grammar:

 - A new section on "parsing conventions"
 - Formal grammar is now called Forward-compatible grammar
 - Forward-compatible grammar section rewritten to use EBNF-like syntax
   throughout (no more Lex)
 - Added natural language explanation of grammar and lexical tokens
 - Fixed errors in Appendix B (lex/yacc); it no longer accepts input
   that was unacceptable according to section 7; "inch" is spelled "in"
 - Shortened some text in the Parsing conventions
 - Allowed @import "foo" in addition to @import url(foo)

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