Re: ESPNet uses stylesheets

have you tried "Times New Roman"? That's the full name on Windows. Also does
just specifying times bring up any times font? Are you saying that MSIE does
not use its default font if there is a font it can't find specified in the
body? If I have no default in the body and it can't find a font it uses the

You're right about the multiple font suggestions. This is badly broken and
very much necessary for graceful degradation of designs. I use a font not
many people have on their computers and require an alternate. Especially I
want to use the general suggestion of sans-serif.


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>| Subject: ESPNet uses stylesheets
>| Date: Thursday, July 25, 1996 5:48 PM
>| check out
>atlanta of course...  I would like to know what browser they tested it
>on...  "font-family: "times roman" doesn't work on MSIE without the
>"times roman" font installed...  They also applied overkill by
>redefining the defaults...  also, multiple font defines do not work
>with MSIE...
>I think they really screwed things up there...
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