Re: Demo pages

> The demo page:
> looks great under IEv3b2, but terrible under Netscape2.02.
> I was under the impression that CSS tags would be invisible
> to non-compliant browsers.

The designer of this page should be take out and shot.
CSS _can_ be used in a completely transparent way to make
pages that are graphically interesting and rich but still
look great with Lynx or Mosaic or whatever.  It can also
be abused just like HTML, and this page is the most abusive
I've seen.

He does things like use duplicate text blocks with negative
margins to get shadow effects.  The style sheet itself is
in between </head> and <body>, and not comment-protected or
linked.  There is no heading/paragraph structure in the
document at all, despite the fact that it is laid out that
way.  Any tool powerful enough can be misused.  CSS is no

Received on Wednesday, 17 July 1996 15:37:13 UTC