Re: Introducing NetscapeML

David Seibert wrote:
> These options should be available, but in my opinion they really
> don't belong in stylesheets for the following three reasons.

I thought Mary Morris was asking for these options to be made
available by *browsers*, not for them to be a part of stylesheets.

In either case, though, while i do agree that this can be
accomplished more *efficiently* if specified separately from
a stylesheet, i don't see it as unreasonable to have the *ability*
to apply a last, user-defined stylesheet which disables selected

But let me add my voice: i'd like a browser where i can turn off
*anything*, and very selectively (backgrounds, images, Java,
image animation, marquees, text colours, and so on).

If i were to have my druthers, when i go browsing the Web, i'd
also want to be able to specify exactly *what* to reload when
i say reload, and to see what connections the browser is making
and the status on them.  Grail 0.3 has an excellent "I/O Status
Panel" which does exactly this.

I can't resist mentioning LINK REL just one more time.  (Just
how many more NEXT buttons do you have to see on the Web before
it's clear this would be useful?)

Okay, i'll stop for now.


Received on Friday, 5 July 1996 12:16:46 UTC