Re: Gutter language

I have little experience with typesetting, but here's a suggestion.

Hakon Lie wrote:
>Gutter: (1) the gutter margin (2) the space between columns of type,
>as in table, an index, two-column text format etc.
>Glossary of Typesetting Terms
>University of Chicago Press
David Perrell wrote:
> I noted another recent source that espouses (2). That doesn't alter my
> argument for the logical interpretation.

"Gutter" appears to be a term signifying the empty horizontal space
beside text.  According to David Perrell this applies to an entire
page of text; so why don't we just be sure to say "column gutter" to
mean the space between columns?


Received on Thursday, 4 July 1996 23:48:26 UTC