Re: CSS and Eccentric Poems.

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Carl Johan Berglund wrote:

> I would like to see <B> and <I> used primarily when it is important
> (or legal) that something is rendered in bold and italics, and not
> highlighted in some other way. For instance, if I were writing
> equations, I would like to have my scalar variables in italics and
> my vectors in bold, but not emphasised in any other way. If some
> user agent running in a colour text environment uses red for <STRONG>
> and purple for <EM>, I don't want my variables to be rendered in
> that way.

I tried that once. Try looking at an HTML source that's got STRONG and EM 
tags scattered all about it. HORROR! Why did they use full words for tags 
that were preferred over tags that where single lettered? I basically 
stopped using these tags because I was bored of writing <STRONG></STRONG> 
and <EM></EM> instead of <B></B> and <I></I> alla the time. And I 
couldn't debug my source.

Oh and, in case you want me to use on of these "WYSIWYG" editors, point 
me to one that uses STRONG and EM instead of B and I...

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