Re: 'Poetry' Element

| <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
| PRE.poetry {font-family: serif}
| </STYLE>
| <PRE CLASS=poetry>
| Let us go then, you and I
| while the night is laid out against the sky
| like a
| 					smear of mustard on an old pork pie
| </PRE>

One interesting thing about this discussion is that we're turning up
interesting test cases for browsers (and for the standard's authors).

I wouldn't mind the above interpretation being correct, but I'm not sure
the two standards taken together read unambiguously on what the result
would be.  One could argue that the definition of the PRE element
requires the spacing to be uniform, regardless of the font and the
correct rendering of your example would use characters from the serif
font, but mono-spaced.


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