CSS1 Lookup

Hakon Lie wrote:
> Scott E. Preece writes:
>  > I love stylesheets; I wish they had them in Netscape today.  I also
>  > understand how it might be a major engineering job to re-work things so
>  > they fit.
> It isn't. The formatting engines of modern graphical browsers can do
> most of the visual work already. To support CSS contextual selectors,
> the browser needs the concept of a stack of open elements. If you
> start from scratch there is some work to be done here, but -- as Chris
> Wilson described at WWW5 in May -- it's doable for one person on a
> tight time line.

If you had sample code for a context lookup,  I think alot of browsers
could indeed support CSS1 within a few weeks.  I'd like to at least see
a published algorithm,  not necessarily optimal,  for the lookup code.  

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