Re: CSS and Eccentric Poems.

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Gayle Kidder wrote:

> <P>in Just-<br>
> spring<SPACER TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=70> when the world is mud-<BR>
> luscious the little<br>
> lame baloonman
> <P>whistles<SPACER TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=50>far<SPACER
> TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=50>and wee


in Just-
spring                                    when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame baloonman

whistles                   far                         and wee

Include the relevant style definitions for a fixed width font of your choice
if you wish. Put it in a box and center it, do what you will with it. 

It ain't perfect, it ain't too HTMLish (well, anything in between a pair of
PRE tags isn't too HTMLish), but it will do, neh? Especially if you don't
want to create web pages that look as if they were created for publishing on
paper. OK, maybe it won't look too good on some people's browsers that have
microscopic display areas, but so do most images larger than 250 pixels wide,
and I don't see anyone complaining about that :-)

And looking at SPACER, it offers about the same functionality as far as
window-resizing goes. At least this won't wrap around when the display area
is small (REALLY messing things up) like your suggestion, but would only
require a horizontal scroll in the worst of cases. And on most browsers
hitting one or two keys or dragging a scroll bar will do it. Why even bother
to include CSS in the whole procedure? As someone pointed out previously,
yes, some things look better in PDF (et al) than they do in HTML. But let's
not forget where HTML started; take a look at the HTML 2.0 spec and you'll
see that even I, B, TT etc. are practically depreciated! If you were doing
things right, you should be using STRONG, EM, CITE, CODE and so on instead. I
know a good lot of "proffesional" web designers that aren't even aware of
these tags, or have to look them up to remember their exact names...

Bottom line: You don't even *need* CSS to practically and accurately display
eccentric poems on a web page. So there. 

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