Paul Prescod wrote:
> At 08:52 AM 7/2/96 -0700, Gayle Kidder wrote:
> >Exactly. Please tell me why one would want to use a style sheet just to
> >add some eccentric spacing to a poem or to control image placement.

Paul Prescod wrote:
> A style sheet is _not_ appropriate for the eccentric spacing of an eccentric
> poem. Neither is HTML. HTML cannot, and will never be the perfect langauge
> everything anyone wants to be. If such a language were possible, it would
> have been invented years ago.
> PDF is perfect for a poem with eccentric layout needs and supported in
> browsers on all major GUI platforms.

But PDF readers are huge and imperfect machines, not in wide use yet,
and the files take humungous amounts of time and bandwidth to download.
HTML remains the best and simplest method of publishing with wide
distribution. Surely you're not suggesting that all poets should be
banned to outer room of PDF?

Gayle Kidder

Received on Tuesday, 2 July 1996 13:11:25 UTC