Re: CSS and SGML document formatting -Reply

>| What I would want as both an implementor and a web author is some style
>| sheet language which fit naturally within the syntax of HTML.  I would
>| probably not be happy with DSSSL having a lisp syntax (although I
>| haven't any problems with it myself).  Why can't a style sheet look more
>| like:
>|        SPACE-BEFORE="10 POINTS"
>|        SPACE-AFTER="20 POINTS"
>|        START-INDENT="5 EN"
>| What is the necessity to set the style declarations off in something
>| which requires a separate lexer and parser?  You could still store
>| the entire style sheet in a URL and load it once per. set of pages
>| which use the particular style sheet.
>That's a question I wondered about, too.  Why not just create a
>DTD for stylesheets, like

This is precisely what DynaText does. A simple example (Jon has
already shown one).

   <style name="#ROOT">
        <font-family>   helvetica       </>
        <font-weight>   m       </>
        <font-slant>    r       </>
        <font-size>     12      </>
        <foreground>    black   </>
        <left-indent>   10      </>
        <right-indent>  12      </>
        <line-spacing>  14      </>

This is another of the problems I have with CSS. While I like the idea
of a simple, easy to use stylesheet language, I cannot understand why
it is necessary

Received on Friday, 26 April 1996 13:21:19 UTC