RE: CSS and SGML document formatting -Reply

>>>CSS requires a seperate lexer/scanner. In fact if you go and look at
>>>a few scheme implementations, you'll see that the code required for
>>>parsing DSSSL is considerably less than the code needed to parser CSS
>>>(and faking it by using lex and yacc doesn't cut it).
>Having looked at DSSSL and CSS in some depth, I would strongly contest
>the "considerably less" statement above.  However, there are two

Note that I have said *parser*. The syntax of DSSSL is far simpler
(and far more uniform!) than CSS.

I agree that the implementation of a full DSSSL engine would be much
larger than a CSS engine, but I don't think DSSSL-O would require all
that much extra work/code.

>The concept of a tree transformation engine, for example, is difficult
>to grasp in Web browsers that currently don't even maintain document
>structure according to the strict SGML nesting model.

STTP is not required for DSSSL-O. 

Received on Friday, 26 April 1996 13:00:52 UTC