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Jon Bosak wrote:
> Sigh.  I see that in trying to clarify Doug Rand's statement, I have
> completely misrepresented what he was (I think!) trying to say.  For
> the record, I should have typed
>   [Doug Rand:]
>   | As a standards body,  W3 should make a choice of which style mechanism
>   | is the right one for HTML.  Having [more than one] isn't acceptable.
>                                         ^^^^^^^^^
> Sorry for the mistake, and I hope I got it right this time.

Well,  it was,  after all,  my fault for not stating it properly.
I'm still in the position of wanting a single style sheet solution.
What's been misunderstood is that my concern is more of a political
one than a technical one.  It seems acceptable to me that HTML has
a solution which isn't the general SGML solution.  I see no real
flaw with this.  But I worry as a developer that I may have to support
not one,  but two different systems which will make my browser eat that
much more runtime memory.


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