Re: CSS and SGML document formatting -Reply

[Doug Rand:]

| As a standards body,  W3 should make a choice of which style mechanism
| is the right one for HTML.  Having [one] isn't acceptable.

As a DSSSL proponent I am more than sympathetic to this view, but even
I have reluctantly been forced to accept a two-pronged strategy as the
only way we can support some kind of typographic control relatively
quickly.  DSSSL is attractive to me because I know that I will need
its functionality, not because I love its Lispy syntax or think that
it will be easy for Joe Homepage to embed inline DSSSL fragments in
his online descriptions of the family dog.  In my opinion, the
important thing for W3C is to be clear that DSSSL is the direction for
serious, large-scale publishing based on generic SGML and not to waste
its limited resources on futile efforts to expand CSS beyond its
initial, simple, HTML-appropriate implementation.


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