Re: URLs in CSS

> However, relative links can be confusing:
>  BODY { background: "red" }  /* relative URL */
>  BODY { background: red }    /* color name */
> Here are some suggestions for alternative schemes;

In the case we decide that these need to be disambiguated, then I would
propose, rather than a new way to specify URLs, a disambiguation one level

   BODY {background: red;
         backround-img: red}

Of course, we then need to do the same for 'color', 'border-color',
'border-color-internal', but frankly, I would be much happier separating the
images and the colors, since it makes them much more obvious and less confusing
(the images aren't really colours, after all).

Is anyone actually implementing using an image for colouring foreground text,
by the way?

Steven Pemberton, CWI, Amsterdam;

Received on Thursday, 11 April 1996 08:07:05 UTC