Re: Style sheets writes:
 > Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is a style sheet?

We haven't tried to precisely define it, but informally it is
something like this:

A style sheet is a description of the layout of a document. It can be
either the layout for one specific document, or for a whole class of
documents. In our case, the style sheet is required to be
machine-readable as well.

Applied to HTML, this means that we make an (informal) distinction
between on the one hand the structure/semantics of a document and on
the other hand the way it is presented on screen or elsewhere. The
first is HTML, the second is the style sheet: the style sheet is the
recipe for taking the abstract structure expressed in HTML and mapping
it onto a 2-dimensional canvas.

You could, for example, express that you want all your H1 elements
enclosed in a red border of 2mm wide, and in the Univers font at 24
pt, or Helvetica if Univers is not available. The next step would be
to provide alternatives for different media: you might want H1 to be
underlined on a black & white screen, and spoken by a female voice
when rendered on a speech synthesizer.


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