Re: style sheets

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, David Tekton Siegel wrote:

> Dear W3 implementors,
> I was a graduate student of Knuth's and am working on various web projects,
> from my personal site (which was just awarded runner-up Cool Site of the
> Year by the people of the Web) to my book on Advanced Web Site Design. I
> have a designer's viewpoint, and I would like to become more involved in
> style sheet specs.
> I have a large site with an essay on the future of HTML/Web design, I hope
> you'll see it:
> http:/

Too bad my browsers (Lynx, Mosaic & Arena) don't seem to like your page.
(The large empty transparent GIFs seem a little pointless.) The antialiased 
fonts look nice, though... perhaps someone would be willing to draft some 
public domain fonts for the WWW?

> As a professional typographer and designer, I'd like to see the voices of
> designers represented. For example, to "justify" means to straighten both
> margins. There is no such thing as "left justify."

Would you prefer "typeset flush left"? 

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Benjamin C. W. Sittler

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