Re: www-style working writes:
> The mailing list is now operative. You can subscribe
> and unsubscribe through the form interface at
> or by sending mail to
> I will announce the list when the archive is operative. Meanwhile, I'd
> like to test the list in a small scall by moving our until now proviat
> style disussions ont the list. So, feel free to join & post!

  Hello everyone!

  Just want to say hello and test the new list.  I've got most of the
current proposal implemented in Emacs-w3, and it will be part of the stock
2.2.0 release due out sometime this month.

  Looking pretty good, just have to get someone other than Arena and
Emacs-w3 doing it.  Chris and I are going to pummel the others here into
submission and get it into AIR Mosaic as soon as possible.

-Bill P.

Received on Monday, 23 January 2023 01:05:02 UTC