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Alex Hopmann said:

[attributions lost - hey, come on folks, this is archived after all:]
> > > A generic character-level text container tag in HTML 3.0 would be          
> > > extremely useful for applying styles to certain blocks of text. I propose  
> > > the following tag:
> > > <TEXT>...</TEXT>

> >This would be very useful indeed, and will talk to Dave Raggett about
> >it.

> This seems similar in intent to the <C> tag that I propsed in my character
> formatting proposal (With the obvious addition of style sheet information).
> Is that correct? What are the relative merrits of calling it <C> (character)
> vs. <TEXT>?

I would prefer C because after all most of the tags are enclosing text of 
one form or another, so TEXT is not a very helpful name. Character-level 
formatting as opposed to paragraph-level formatting seems clearer. But 
perhaps that is my FrameMaker background coming through.

I think we will see a lot of documents in the future using <p classo> and 
<c classºr> type markup.

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